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Recruitment Ethics

Introduction Recruitment ethics refer to the principles and standards that guide the behavior of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. Adhering to ethical practices is crucial for building trust, maintaining a […]

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PDPA Policy

1. Introduction The Recruiters’ Association Malaysia (RAM) is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data collected from candidates who submit their CVs/resumes to RAM and its associated […]

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Industrial Relations Policy & Overview

Introduction Industrial relations (IR) refer to the relationship between employers, employees, and their representatives, such as trade unions. Effective industrial relations are crucial for maintaining a harmonious workplace, fostering productivity, […]

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Data Management & Data Breach Policy

Introduction The Recruiters Association Malaysia (RAM) is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of the personal data it collects, processes, and stores. This policy outlines our procedures for managing […]

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Letters & Templates

Warning Letter on Absenteeism

This letter addresses the issue of absenteeism and its impact on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It includes a reference to the relevant clauses in the employee handbook. The letter serves […]

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Transfer Letter

This letter documents the transfer of an employee, including their name, designation, and department. It outlines the reason for the transfer, details discussed with the manager, and information about the […]

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Show Cause Template

The Show Cause Template serves as a formal notice to an employee regarding an alleged offence. It includes the date and time of issuance, the employee’s designation, and details of […]

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Resume Template

The Resume Template is a structured document designed to outline an individual’s professional profile. It includes sections for executive summary, areas of expertise, contact information, career summary, achievements, designations, company […]

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Recruitment Tracker

The “Recruitment Tracker” spreadsheet includes various sheets tracking different aspects of the recruitment process such as hires, candidate tracking, job requisitions, and performance metrics. The “Hires” sheet specifically contains detailed […]

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Progressive Disciplinary Procedure

The Progressive Disciplinary Procedure template documents the details of disciplinary actions taken against an employee. It includes fields for the date and time, employee’s name, and employee number. The template […]

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Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) provide structured frameworks for employees to enhance their performance. They offer clear goals, regular feedback, and development opportunities but can also create stress and uncertainty if […]

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PDP Consent Form

The PDP Consent Form is used to obtain an employee’s consent for background reference checks from their previous employers. It includes fields for the employee’s name and NRIC. The form […]

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Payroll Accountant JD Sample

The Payroll Accountant JD Sample provides a detailed job description for a Payroll Accountant. It outlines the role, responsibilities, and qualifications required. Key responsibilities include calculating net salaries, updating payroll […]

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Job Description- Sample Template

This sample job listing provides comprehensive details about a position within a dynamic and diverse work environment. It outlines the job title and specifies that the role reports to the […]

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Employment Application Form

The Employment Application Form is a comprehensive document used by companies to gather detailed personal, educational, and professional information from job applicants. It includes sections for personal information, family details, […]

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Checklist for TNA

The Checklist for TNA provides a comprehensive guide for conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA). It includes self-reflective questions to identify training needs, assess organizational factors, determine existing training, and align […]

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