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The Recruitment Agency Malaysia (RAM) is the peak body for the recruitment, consulting and staffing industry in Malaysia. RAM’s purpose is to enhance lives, organizations and the economy through the ‘world of work’. 

RAM drives professional practice, promotes & protects the industry, enables better business for members and provides opportunities for networking and the celebration of success.


Our Practise

All of our members are bound by the Malaysian Code for Professional Conduct.

RAM sets the benchmark for professionalism through standard setting, education, research and business advisory support to our member firms and accredited professionals. All of our members are bound by the Malaysian Code for Professional Conduct which is underpinned by a comprehensive disciplinary and dispute resolution procedure.

“RAM help me to get to where I am today. I am very grateful for their help and professional consultation which allow me to get my dream job. Thank you!”

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Resume Consultancy

Your resume is often the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager sees and uses to form an opinion of you as a candidate. So it’s important to ensure your resume does a great job of highlighting your strengths.
A professional resume review can help you find areas of your resume you can improve to help you stand out as a top candidate for the positions you’re applying for.


Career Coaching

Working with a career coach has a multitude of benefits. But the concept of career coaching is still relatively new.

Our global workforce is a fast-changing one, with careers pivoting in an instant. Many companies are figuring out how to keep their workforce agile and adaptable.

At the same time, employee needs are also changing quickly. In a fickle economic climate, both companies and employees are searching for ways to hit that sweet spot.


IR Advisory

Are you ready to take your company's investor relations to the next level?

Our seasoned IR advisors bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering strategic insights and personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you're a startup looking to attract investors or an established firm seeking to enhance shareholder communication, our consultation will empower you with the knowledge and tactics to effectively navigate the complex world of investor relations.

Resume Review

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Learn about achieving goals, enhancing skills, and advancing your career
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IR Advisory

Our seasoned IR advisors offer tailored guidance for startups and established firms in the world of investor relations.
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RAM works with employers and business owners to understand their evolving talent needs as their business grows with the economy.

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RAM comprises of experts in the field of executive search and talent acquisition across all industries.

our primary goal

Bridging the gap between job seekers & recruiters

Recruiting professionals are unable to find the right fit for their jobs and job seekers are slowly losing faith in themselves.

This problem is seen by both sides. Job seekers are unable to find a good job and companies are under pressure to find experienced employees.

There is a divide in the way recruiters are searching for employees and the way employees are searching for jobs.

Below are five main places where there is a disconnect between job seekers and recruiters:

Job Role and Title: Specification matters a lot when it comes to a job’s role and title. Both recruiters and job seekers list their job roles and titles in a different manner, causing misunderstanding. Due to process constraints, recruiters are bound to follow the same format, job role and title when listing openings. They have restrictions and cannot change the title. Thus, job seekers should learn to search accordingly.

Job Search Tools: Job seekers normally use various tools like company websites, search engines, job boards, social media sites, etcetera to search for employment. On the other hand, recruiters are very busy and don’t put effort into the above mentioned tools. They try one or two sources and limit their search. Thus, they miss the opportunity to find a good employee.

Brand Conscious: Nowadays, job seekers are brand conscious. They want to work with a company where they can comfortably progress and have opportunities for advancement. Job seekers research and check brand value before joining any company.

Recruiters don’t have anything to prove. The news on social networking sites and the connections job seekers make are beyond the control of recruiters. Thus, the entire concept of job searching is changing. People can connect with a potential employee before they even schedule an interview.

The Application Procedure: Nearly half of all job seekers leave their application forms unfilled when applying. Items like Smartphones or an already prepared resume can help with the process. The more left blank on an application, the more trouble recruiters face. Details are left out that can help a recruiter make a decision.

Constant Engagement: Nowadays, job seekers need to constantly be in touch with recruiters. Recruiters are very busy and have a lot of work to do. They don’t have enough resources to assist job seekers in each and every step. On the other hand, job seekers expect a lot of things from recruiters. They want recruiters to send them regular emails and keep them informed about their application status and new job opportunities.

Recruiters and job seekers needs to understand what divides them and resolve to streamline the process. We all know that the marketplace is highly competitive for employers and job seekers. If they make the effort to connect with each other, they will surely find the right match.

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