Recruiter Association Malaysia Partnerships

Building Stronger Connections, Expanding Opportunities

Join us in our mission

To create an industry subject matter experts and provide top notch advisory services for all candidates and recruiters

To fully understand , communicate and satisfy recruitment needs in Malaysia

To focus on innovative trends and upgrades in Talent Acquisition

Provide advisory services for retrench employees and try to get them back on their feet.


Are you from the Following

  • Recruitment agencies
  • HR technology providers
  • Educational institutions
    with HR programs
  • HR-related publications
    and media outlets
  • Industry associations and
    chambers of commerce
  • HR Consultancies
  • Employee Branding Agencies
  • Job Portals or Job Boards
  • Training and Certification

Why Partner with Us?

  • Access to a network of recruiters and HR professionals
  • Exclusive industry data and reports
  • Customized training and development
  • Brand visibility and marketing opportunities
  • Discounts on association events and conferences
  • Priority access to association resources
  • Speaking and thought leadership opportunities
  • Inclusion in association publications
  • Dedicated Website

Partnerships Value

RAM bring more with less

These are some latest LinkedIn Pricing Indications
( Average, Rounded off )

RM 0 Annually

Recruiter Corporate per seat ( or RM 1080 monthly )

RM 0

For 3 Job

RM 0 Annually

Recruiter Lite ( or RM 170 Monthly )

RM 0 Annuallly

Business Premium ( or RM 60 Monthly )

RM 0

For Job


Partnership Onboarding

Unlocking Success Together: Recruiter Association Partnership Onboarding – Building Stronger Connections, Expanding Opportunities

Partnership Type


RM 1200 Annually
  • Featured Visibility
  • Exclusive Speaking Opportunities
  • Networking Access
  • Custom Research Reports
  • Free Event Passes
  • Early Acess
  • Job Posting


RM 800 Annually
  • Enhances Visibility
  • Speaking Opportuinities
  • Networking Access
  • Discounted Event Passes
  • Access to Research Report
  • Job Posting


$ 600 Annually
  • Basic Visibility
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Limited Speaking Opportunities
  • Discounted Event Passes
  • Access to Resources
  • Job Posting

Asked Questions

No, all payments are final and non-refundable.

Yes, you are able to upgrade by paying an additional fee.

You will get a 20% off your next renewal or a free upgrade 1 tier up in the partner plan