Recruiters Association Malaysia

Data Management & Data Breach Policy

Introduction The Recruiters Association Malaysia (RAM) is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of the personal data it collects, processes, and stores. This policy outlines our procedures for managing […]

Recruitment Ethics

Introduction Recruitment ethics refer to the principles and standards that guide the behavior of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. Adhering to ethical practices is crucial for building trust, maintaining a […]

Recruitment & Staffing Industry Overview

Introduction The recruitment and staffing industry plays a critical role in the global economy by matching employers with suitable candidates for job vacancies. This industry encompasses a wide range of […]

Industrial Relations Policy & Overview

Introduction Industrial relations (IR) refer to the relationship between employers, employees, and their representatives, such as trade unions. Effective industrial relations are crucial for maintaining a harmonious workplace, fostering productivity, […]

Difference Between Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Introduction Understanding the distinction between Talent Acquisition and Recruitment is essential for organizations to effectively manage their workforce strategies. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent different approaches […]

PDPA Policy

1. Introduction The Recruiters’ Association Malaysia (RAM) is committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of personal data collected from candidates who submit their CVs/resumes to RAM and its associated […]

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